API: create a board and it gets deleted immediately

I’m looking for help when creating a Board from a template via the API. Once the board is create the API returns the ID of the board but the board is not visible in the UI or API. When I look for the board by editing the URL and inserting the returned ID the UI says the board is deleted. And the board is not in the recycle bin. Checking the Activity Log on the account (via the API) shows no delete board events.

Of note is that these boards are being created from a template at the same time as four others from another template which do not disappear after creation. Could this be a permissions issue? Perhaps, but both templates seem to have the same permissions.

Included here is the GraphQL and the response

mutation {create_board (
                    template_id: 2988420389, 
                    board_name: "O'Rourke - Detail",
                    board_kind: share
                    , workspace_id: 1749130



Via the Monday UI I can create a board from either template.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello @WhyGraphQL,

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Could you confirm if you are added as a user to all of the accounts and workspaces you are trying to create a board in?

Yes I am and more importantly so is the account that the API key is attached to. As proof I am creating boards in the same workspace with a different template.

As an update to this story I was able to create the boards in the same workspace by removing the template and making it again, which cleared the problem.

But while I’m here I would like to add that at no time was the API response helpful in any way shape or form.


I’m happy to hear the problem was resolved. Thank you for sharing your feedback with us regarding the error messages. I will be sure to pass this on to our R&D team so we can continue improving our responses.