API Error - Dimension mismatch

I got a simple query, where I want to get all items from a board

The idea is to get a list of items, based on Google Sheets where my Board Ids are stored.

But I’m already receiving an error when I want to use a variable in my query

var boardId = 1136581766;
var query = "query($board:Int!) {boards (ids:$board,state:active){name id items {id name column_values{id,text, type, title,value}}}}"; var variables = { "board" : boardId, };

{“errors”:[{“message”:“List dimension mismatch on variable $board and argument ids (Int! / [Int])”,“locations”:[{“line”:1,“column”:29}],“fields”:[“query”,“boards”,“ids”]}],“account_id”:4428197}

What I’m doing wrong? :sob:

Hi @Stijn! Welcome to our community~

Sorry to see you’re running into some trouble here.

Are you also experiencing this error when you test this query with variables in your API playground?

If you change Int! to [Int] does that work for you?


Yezzz! :partying_face: - that did the trick!

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