API Error - UserUnauthroizedException

I have no idea why i’m getting this error, i am the admin and i’m using the playground.
what could be the reason?

Have you ensured you set your token and haven’t revoked your token or anything? This exception has to do with a token thats bad or expired.

yes i’m sure, i’m still using the api key with other queries as we speak

Confirming you are trying to create a notification to an update, and the board in question is not private or if it is private your account is added to the board?

Administrator in monday means nothing for board/item access. The only special privilege is you can grant yourself ownership on boards you can see. Even if its a public board, and youre not an owner and the board permissions don’t allow you to see the item, it may also be causing an issue.

I am a board owner, company owner, admin.
i have all the privileges

That is quite odd then. I’d reach out to appsupport@monday.com for further help then.

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