API returns error 500 on change_multiple_column_values call


I’m developing an app for our company to facilitate an import from excel, and I ran into an issue when trying to update multiple values at once.

If I try to run the following query the API throws an error 500:

mutation {
item_id: ***,
board_id: ***,
column_values: “{“jun”:0.01,“totaal_b_s”:1234.56,“laatste_inloop”:{“date”:“2020-06-01”}}”
) {
(I anonymised the item & board id)

I already emailed support a few days ago and they said they would put it trough to tech support but have not heard anything back yet.

With the help of monday support I figured out what was wrong.
Columns with type “number” need to be updated using string values too.
But I would expect the API to reply with a clear error message instead of a generic error 500 and an html page as reply.

Hey @JeroenV – noted! I’ll pass over your feedback to our team. We’ve been working on reducing the number of 500 errors; glad you caught this one and brought it to our attention.