App installed webhook

  • What feature are you requesting?

Somewhere in app configuration screen please add a section to configure a webhook that would be triggered on app installation. This webhook should deliver following information: client_id, account_id, slug, api access token for the app

Api access token should work for API requests on given slug/account_id accordingly to the Oauth settings.

  • How would this feature make your experience better?

My app consists only of a board view, and in order to make API requests from the app backend I need to perform the full Oauth for every user, which is not a great user experience.

I need to be able to make api requests from the backend in order to verify user access rights.

This API access token should allow user impersonification.

  • What is the use case or scenario that this feature could be helpful in?

Administrator installed my app. Users are entering the board view, the experience is seamless for them, they are not asked for Oauth authentication of the app. I as an app vendor don’t need to store api tokens for each user.

Hey @GTG - thank you so much for sharing with us. I’ll be sure to pass this along internally.