Is there an effective way to keep track of the install webhook?

Usecase: I have a multi-tenant service/product that allows users to install my Monday application into their account. After that happens, a user can then OAuth using their Monday account, and therefore my service getting access to their docs, boards and so on.

It looks like a Webhook does not support custom payload, so there’s no way to hold state through that. Meaning, I cannot possibly correlate my user, with the install event payload that comes in.

Ask: is there an obvious way that I’m missing, where I can automate that process, so my UX is smooth? Or should I just text-inform my users that you first need to install the app, and then try to OAuth using it?

Yes, unfortunately webhooks on do not currently support custom loads, making it difficult to pass state information between the app install and the authentication event. One approach would be to inform users that they need to install the application before using it for authentication. This will make the process clearer for users and reduce confusion.