Monday Authentication Install scenario

Hi All,
I am new to Monday. I need to integrate monday to my client’s app from where users can login, call some APIs and use monday functionalities. My query is regarding the manually sharing of my app to users and users installing it before authentication/login.
I wanted to know that is there any automated way in which I can write my code so that a user first gets redirected to the insall url and then to the auth url after clicking on “Install” from the install url? What I mean by automated way is that does the install sharable url has a redirection property? just as the auth url? so that once a user clicks on “Install” I redirect them to the auth url for authentication and get the token for them?

Please advise. Thanks.

@Saaket Did you get the solution for that?

Still not possible as far as I know.
I’m currently trying to do the same thing, but Monday’s architecture on this one is off.