Can users use the app without installing it?


So we would like to build a Monday app where anyone can access without installing it on their account. We use the Monday app for the OAuth flow, where users can click on a link from our app, be brought to the auth page where they can accept read permissions, then be brought back to our app.

Right now, if they haven’t installed our app on their account, or if they are not logged into our admin account, they receive the following error message during the OAuth flow:

Wondering if the app is reviewed/approved by, or any other way, then users can use the app without installing it?

Hey @yuweishen! At this time only account admins can install monday apps. If a non-admin wants to install an app, they can request that an admin install the app for them by clicking “Request” on the app page in the marketplace. Just to clarify, has an admin installed the app, and users are still encountering this message?

Hola! Yo si tengo ese problema, el administrador ya instaló la aplicación pero las otras cuentas aún no pueden usarla.