App Submission for Marketplace

I have created a app so our customers can integrate their account with our App.

I’m using OAuth2 protocol for authentication and after authentication, we will use the access token to fetch data like boards, users, items from

I’m also using webhooks to keep this data in sync between and our App.

After submitting our App for review, we received following message:

After thorough review, we regret to inform you that it does not meet our criteria and cannot be accepted at this time.
Please note that to be featured on our marketplace, it is necessary to have a monday app built on the monday app framework, which must implement one or more monday features such as (integrations, views, or widgets,…), and use our app’s infrastructure.

Currently we are able to share our app with our customers using share URL.
But they first have to install our app and then go through OAuth2 flow. We want to avoid this so they can directly trigger OAuth2 flow. Also on the authentication screen, it shows message that app is not approved by

Do I need to create some features for my app. And if yes, then which kind of feature should I add?