App payouts - Payoneer?


Recently we have started the review process for a new app on the marketplace. We noticed that as part of the intake, we had to create a Payoneer account. Does that mean that the current vendor board to track payouts and invoices will be deprecated? If not, what is the goal of the Payoneer account?

@shaulgittelman - something you can comment on?



Hey Jorne!
As you’re already an approved vendor, you can skip this task.
Becoming an approved monday vendor is a one-time task and doesn’t have to be repeated for every app. Just submit the pricing plans using the form and you’re good :slight_smile:


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Hi Shaul, I was actually just wondering what the Payoneer account should be used for? Given the current payout process, I didn’t understand how the Payoneer account is usefull.

Oh, got it. transfers the fees to the developers using Payoneer. That’s why everyone must have a Payoneer account.
The payments board’s purpose is to share with you the monthly subscriptions report and ask for an invoice prior to transferring the fees.

@shaulgittelman Do you know when a developer is given access to the payments board? My app launched August 2nd and I haven’t been invited to a payments board yet. Do you also happen to know when payments are made?

Hey @PluginGenie ,
We invite the developers to the payments board at the first week of the following month, and inly if they had any purchases.
Since your app had purchases during August, you will be invited by tomorrow.

Then, you will need to issue an invoice and add it to the board, and you will get paid either on the 15th or the 30th of the month.

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Thanks for the clarification! Not sure if it’s possible, but it would be good to add this to the Monetization part of the documentation so other developers in the future are aware. Either that or include it in an email upon submitting the pricing form. Thanks.

Hello there @PluginGenie,

Thank you for the feedback! I will share this with the team :grin:



Hi Matias, I was wondering if we launch a free app (totally free) as there will be no monetization for the app we will not have access to developer payment board. This means that we cannot see the data of the customers who will subscribe to our app (email, name etc…) ?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

@Julia1 You wouldn’t see the customer data in that board anyway. No payment means no payment data to add to the board (it’s currently attached as an XLS at the start of the month).

If you wish to see customer data, the you need to implement webhooks to receive the install (etc) data. The webhook does not have to point to your app, it could point anywhere.

For example, you could send the webhook data to an AWS lambda function which then:

  • emails you the data
  • appends the data to a Google Sheet
  • adds the data to a monday board.
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