Apps should have an app descriptor file that defines what the app does (app manifest)

When you’re building an app, you have to go through the UI to build out all the features that you app uses.

While this seems good the first time you build an app, it really gets tedious the 2nd, 3rd and subsequent times. What’s more, it’s a really error prone exercise.

If you have separate versions of your app for dev, staging and production, say on different tenants, it’s even more error prone, because now the problem has multiplied.

Instead, an app descriptor or app manifest file (say in JSON or YAML format) could be used that would automatically be validated by the system, and then installed.

Developers could share examples of their app descriptor files that are used in each scenario to quickly troubleshoot a range of problems.

In our CI/CD pipelines, we could easily automate the deployment of dev/staging/production versions to our various tenants and everything would be rosy.

Hello @dvdsmpsn,

We have a request for this and I have added your vote for it :grin:


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@Matias.Monday Could you point me in the direction of the original request please?

Hello again @dvdsmpsn,

The request was created in an internal board that is not open to the public.

Of course if this gets implemented, it will be announced :grin:


Honestly, go a step farther. A TypeScript library, much like AWS-CDK which allows us to create classes for things we can reuse, or inherit from. This is esp. useful for integrations where there are multiple object types such as an action that are used in multiple recipes. This would output valid JSON/YAML.

It would also include the tools for deploying of course.

But I will take a manual file for now - but I suspect taking code first to create the file may be easier than expected since there is already code in the Dev Center that is generating JSON that is used by the apps framework.

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I added your comments to the request @codyfrisch :grin: