The monday Apps Framework is LIVE!

We are super excited to announce the release of the monday Apps Framework!

This is truly a new frontier for our platform and we’re excited to see what amazing building blocks our builders come up with to help teams work more effectively together.

Why did we build an apps framework?

We wanted to give users and developers ways to build on top of and make it as easy as possible. is hyper-flexible and letting users create their own building blocks (views, widgets, integrations, automations) is a natural first step.

What is it?

Anyone can now build apps that add custom functionality to a user’s account, in a low-code environment.

For example, you can build a board view to display a specific visualization, widgets to summarize data from multiple boards, or integrations that automate your workflows across tools!

With the monday Apps Framework, the possibilities are endless. You can build a small internal tool that only your team uses, or you can build a full-service app with visualizations, complex integrations, and more in one package.

With the apps framework also comes sharing options. Right now you can build private apps for your team, and we will soon give builders the ability to share these apps with other accounts. Later this year we will also have an Apps Marketplace for the best monday Apps that have our stamp of approval.

How do I build an app?

If you’re a developer who wants to start building apps, check out our documentation here.

Have questions? Post in our dedicated monday Apps community section!

Ready to share your app with the world? Post it here.

How do I find apps to install?

If you’re looking to see what’s out there, check out the Share your apps category!


Is it possible to access the custom Apps through the Mobile app from
I wonder if I could build an app for users to capture data using their smartphone

Good question, love the way you think. Apps that implement integrations and automations are compatible with the mobile app already.

As for views and widgets, it’s something we’re laying the foundation for so we can support it in the future.

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