Auto-add number column (If X, add 1 to column)


Long story short, we have a status for our projects called “Client Edits,” and want to measure how often tasks are sent back for edits over time. My thinking is that I could add a number column and have an automation say something like “When status changes to ‘Client Edits,’ set the Number Column to n+1”

Unfortunately, I’m struggling to figure out if this is possible. Does anyone have any recommendations/experience on doing something like this? Any other ideas for a workaround if this is not possible? Thanks!


I have two different approaches you might consider…

The first, use an Integromat scenario to increment the number column.

The second, is more convoluted but will work with base monday:

  • Create a date column “start date”.
  • Create a date column “counter date”.
  • Create a formula column (this will be the counter value) with the formula "DAYS({counter date}, {start date}).
  • Create an automation to set {start date} and {counter date} to today when a new item is created.
  • Create an automation to push {counter date} by 1 day when your status column changes to “Client Edits”.

Let me know if you want more detail on either approach.