Need column showing when status was changed

Hi all - we have a Status column, featuring a status “Ready”.

Ideally, I would like to simply see a column that tallies how many business days it’s been since that status column was set to “Ready”.

Minimally, if I could have a column that simply reflects the time and day that the status was set to “Ready”, that would solve the issue I’m having.

Thanks in advance!


Add a date column and use this automation to set it to today when Status changes to “Ready”.

If you want a count, add a formula like this formula:
IF({Status}="Ready", DAYS(FORMAT_DATE(TODAY(), "YYYY-MM-DD"), {Date}), "")

** Edit
For workdays, use this:
IF({Status}="Ready", NETWORKDAYS({Date}, FORMAT_DATE(TODAY(), "YYYY-MM-DD")), "")
IF({Status}="Ready", NETWORKDAYS({Date}, FORMAT_DATE(TODAY(), "YYYY-MM-DD")) - 1, "")

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Hi @lkennedybyrne ! also released a new automation recipe block that says “increase/decrease a number by value”. You can find it in the custom automations!

Here is what yours would look like:

Hope this helps!

Hey @lkennedybyrne! Hopefully these lovely people’s suggestions helped but if not, shoot us a message at and we’d be happy to assist further with this! :blush:

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