How to do a count up of days based on when a status changes?

We have an integration with Salesforce where the status of an item in Salesforce pulls over to one of our boards. We want to create a column (with a formula I’m assuming) around when the status column changes to a certain value (for example from “Not Started” to “In Progress”) it triggers a number field to start counting up the days since that status changed.

For example, if today (1/30/24) the status column changes to “In Progress”, tomorrow on 1/31, that day count value would be 1. So we can track how long it’s been since that status changed to “In Progress”

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Hi Karen,

First I would add a date column called “Date Changed” and create an automation that says:
"When Status changes to “In Progress”, set “Date Changed” to today.

Then I would add a formula column which calculates the number of days between Date Changed and today.

DAYS({Changed Date},TODAY())

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Nice! I’ll implement and report back!

@GCavin - the formula worked! But it’s giving us a number with 3 decimals. Would you be able to help with how we could round the number to a whole number?


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Hello Karen! you can solve it with the following formula:

ROUNDDOWN(DAYS(TODAY(),{Changed Date}),0)

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Hi Karen,

If you want a positive number, reverse the date positions:

DAYS(TODAY(),{Changed Date})


ROUND(DAYS(TODAY(),{Changed Date}),0)
ROUNDUP(TODAY(),{Changed Date}),0)
ROUNDDOWN(TODAY(),{Changed Date}),0)

ROUND rounds to the nearest value (down under .5, up for .5+)
ROUNDUP always rounds up.
ROUNDDOWN always down.
The 0 at the end is the number of decimals.

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Thank you both! Trying them now!

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Great! You’re welcome.
Let me know if it worked for you!