FORMULA HELP - Count the number of days between a date column and today, stop counting days based on status but keep the value

Hi there,

I’m building a workflow for a real estate agency. I’m trying to create a formula to track how many days a property has been on the market by using a Date column for the Listing Date. Currently, I am using ROUNDUP(DAYS(TODAY(),{Listing Date}),0) to calculate those days, but this continues to track days even after the property is marked SOLD (no longer on the market).

I need the formula to stop counting days when the Status Column is SOLD but retain the number value it was at when the Status changed to SOLD to have a record of how long the property was on the market. I’ve experimented with something like IF(Status=“SOLD!”), ROUNDUP(DAYS(TODAY(),{Listing Date}),0) but am returning an error. Can’t seem to nail it down. I think I’m on the right track but have an issue with the structure of the formula.

Any assistance the community can offer on this is greatly appreciated! Thank you!


You will need to have a seperate column that is the date that the status was changed to sold. You can use this automation to set the date:

Then the formula will be something like:

IF({Status}="SOLD!",ROUNDUP(DAYS(TODAY(),{Sold Date}),0),ROUNDUP(DAYS(TODAY(),{Listing Date}),0))

@JCorrell , thanks so much! Looks like this will work perfectly. Appreciate you taking the time!

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