Sold/Withdrawn Days on the Market Formula

Hi, I am trying to set up a Property Board to keep track of our listings and use a formula to calculate the Days on the Market. I have a Status column where I can select if a property is “Active”, “Under Offer”, “Withdrawn” or “SOLD” and a Sold/Withdrawn Date column. I’m currently using this formula:

IF({Status}=“SOLD”,TEXT(DAYS({Sold Date},{List Date}),“##”),TEXT(DAYS(TODAY(),{List Date}),“##”))

And it seems to be working but I can’t work out how to stop the “Withdrawn” days from continuing to count.
Screenshot (412)

I’ve tried having

IF({Status}=“SOLD”,“Withdrawn”,TEXT(DAYS({Sold Date},{List Date}),“##”),TEXT(DAYS(TODAY(),{List Date}),“##”))

but that makes the “SOLD” number of days turn into text saying “Withdrawn”.

Screenshot (413)

Does anyone have an idea how I can fix this?



IF(OR({Status}="SOLD", {Status}="Withdrawn"),
   TEXT(DAYS({Sold Date}, {List Date}),"##"),
   TEXT(DAYS(TODAY(), {List Date}), "##"))

Jim - The Monday Man

@JCorrell Thank you so much, it works perfectly!

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