If Date Field Blank, Execute Formula, If Populated, Show Text Output

So currently I have this formula working: ROUND(DAYS(TODAY(),{Marked}),0) which is calculating the difference between the day a deal is booked (one column) and the day it is funded (which is automation populating the date field when status changes).

The output works flawlessly, HOWEVER, I would like to change the output from Days Pending generated by the formula to text that says “FUNDED”. I have tried using IF statements in conjunction with the formula to produce one of two outcomes without success, even after reading the tutorials and some other posts. There has to be something simple I am overlooking.

Using our dashboard to calculate average days pending is great, but having the dates in past deals as opposed to only the deals pending is skewing our metrics. Any pointers or ideas are greatly appreciated.



It sounds simple. But, I don’t understand completely. What is the trigger to display “FUNDED”?

FUNDED should be displayed when field DATE FUNDED has a date/is not blank.

When field DATE FUNDED is blank, we continue to count days between the current date and the date in field DATE BOOKED using the formula that I am using now.

It’s simple, but not at the same time…hence my troubles. Your help is appreciated!


Great. This should do it:


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You are amazing, that did the trick! And now I have the syntax for future use, much appreciated.

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