Show Formula with String If Date Column is not Empty; Leave Blank Otherwise

I have a formula where I want “total days” to show alongside the number once the value is calculated, but while one of the date columns is empty I want the formula column to stay blank.

I was using concatenate, but it shows “NaN total days” if the date columns are blank.

CONCATENATE(DAYS({Date Completed},{Initial Pitch Date}), " total days")

Initial Pitch Date is what I want to be the “blank column” trigger.

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IF({Initial Pitch Date} = “” ," “, CONCATENATE(DAYS({Date Completed},{Initial Pitch Date}), " total days”))

Here is the formula.

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Thanks, Rehan, but I’m getting only error messages with this formula, even with data in the two date columns.

When you copy and paste from a message, check the double-quotes. They should be straight double-quotes. You have a mix of straight and curly. That’s probably why.

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That did it! Thanks, Gilles!