IF statements checking for an empty numbers collumn

Utilizing a formula column, I am running an if statement to check if a numbers column is blank. IF it is blank, the script should return nil “”. Otherwise, it should run my formula.

My formula works perfectly for text columns, but not a numbers column.

The formula is just adding the number is the numbers column to todays date and formatting it.

This is my code

IF(OR({Due Days} = '', ISBLANK({Due Days})), "", FORMAT_DATE(ADD_DAYS(TODAY(), {Due Days}), "dddd MM/DD/YY"))

Hi Brock,

When empty, a number column returns 0, so if your objective is not to return anything when empty, then this should work:

IF({Due Days} = 0, "", FORMAT_DATE(ADD_DAYS(TODAY(), {Due Days}), "dddd MM/DD/YY"))

What if we could break free of the Formula column and write formulas that update any type of columns? What if a formula could update multiple columns at once? This is possible with the Advanced Formula Booster app.

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Thank you that worked, it’s strange because sometimes I want the days to be 0 as in, I want them to do it right away. And yet when I select 0 it still works.