Cannot get a field to populate

I am creating email notifications, and I need to insert ‘TBD’ is the current date field is not populated.
This is the formula that I am using is as follows:

IF({Due Date}<> “0”,{Due Date}, “TBD”) . I need the ‘TBD’ to display in the formula field if the due date is blank. I am not getting my expected return. The field shows blank

Hi @sharonmartinko ,

Try this

IF({Due Date},{Due Date}, “TBD”)

Hope this helps!

Thank you for the suggestion, however this did not work. I get the following results:


Oh, for some reason the quotes changed when I pasted the formula here on the forum

I am pasting the formula once more.

IF({Due Date},{Due Date}, " TBD " )

Could you please try the above formula once again?

FYI The quotes should be "

The quotes should not be “

YES!! That worked. Thank you so much for your help