If formula & subtracting dates

i am getting ‘true’ where i think i should be getting a #value.

i am trying to calculate age for multiple status.

if status is ‘delivered’ then calculate days between ‘sold’ date and ‘grounding’ date.

if not status is not ‘delivered’ but is ‘grounded’ then calculate days between today and ‘grounding’ date.

if any other status other than ‘delivered’ or ‘grounded’ the age should be blank

my current formula: IF({Status}=“Delivered”,DAYS({SOLD DATE},{GROUNDED DATE},IF({Status}=“Grounded”,DAYS({GROUNDED DATE},TODAY(),“”))))

i appreciate any help getting this formula correct!

@JCorrell i have seen your great help for others…have any ideas on my formula? it seems as if the different groups is the issue. i can do a ‘one’ if statement and that particular status/group works perfectly (showing blank value for the ‘“”’)…but all other status/groups only show ‘true’


Looks to be just a couple of misplaced ")"s.

Try this:


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thank you very much. happy new year

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