Calculate Difference in Days depending on Status


I’m trying to create a formula that will calculate the difference in days from today when the status is Working on It, and then calculate the difference in days when between 2 date columns when the status is Approved. I have a formula that mostly works, but when I change the status to Approved it just says “true” instead of actually showing the difference in days.

IF({Status} = “Working on it”, ROUNDUP(DAYS(TODAY(), {Date}),0), {Status} = “Approved”, ROUND(DAYS({Date 2}, {Date}),0))

Any ideas on how I can get it to show the actual days when the status is Approved instead of it says true?


Try this:

IF({Status} = "Working on it", ROUNDUP(DAYS(TODAY(), {Date}), 0), "") & IF({Status} = "Approved", ROUND(DAYS({Date 2}, {Date}), 0),"")

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That did it!! Thank you so much!!

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