IF TRUE, THEN DO formula

I am trying to track the days I am waiting for something, and i want a column that shows the days waiting only if i have no received it yet. once I receive this something, i want the cell to be blank/not show any values that skew my average waiting time calc at the bottom of the column.

Item Requested - date
Item Received - date
Days waiting for item - date

In the formula for the “days waiting for item”, I have:

IF({Item Received} =“”,false,ROUND(DAYS({Item Requested},TODAY()),0))*-1

So what I am hoping the above says is:
If the column Item Received does not have a date (i.e. the item hasn’t been received yet), then do a calculation from todays date to the date in the Item Requested column. I then multiplied by -1 to make it positive.

I get an error when using the above formula though, but I can’t figure it out. I’m only getting my feet wet, so I am probably missing something. Can anyone provide some guidance, please?

Hi @jgray2023,

When a formula gives an error the first thing to do is check how many open and close parentheses you have. In this case, you opened 4 and closed 3. So you’re missing one!

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Thanks for that - have now added it. Sadly, it has not resolved the issue though

I experimented in excel, and got it working there, but cannot get it working in Monday.com for some reason.

Here’s the working excel formula:
=IF({item received} = “”, (DAYS(TODAY(),{item requested})),0)

I am very confused now!

Go 1 step at a time.

DAYS(TODAY(),{item requested})

Does it produce the result you want?

Then try:

IF({item received}="",DAYS(TODAY(),{item requested}),0)
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When I tried the first one, it returned a number to 2 decimal places, so perfect. but when I tried the second, it just returns “true” rather than a value if true. very strange.

Try my code, not yours. You have unnecessary parentheses around Days.