Custome formula to check if Timeline column is blank

Looking for how to validate if a timeline field has had a value entered into it for use in a custom formula column.

I have tried taking the variables and doing something like this

{DatesScheduled#Start} != “”

But this is causing an error with the formula. have tried replacing the “” with blank, null, none, ‘’ etc and all the standard go to’s

Any pointers on what would be the statement, just needing to set a value when this column has not yet been entered


“!=” is not a valid comparator in monday formulas. You can use the NOT() function like this

NOT({DatesScheduled#Start} = "")

Or just use the “false” portion of the IF function like this:

IF({DatesScheduled#Start} = "", "Empty", "Ok")

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I don’t know where my brain was when I answered this…

Everything I wrote was technically correct. But… the correct “not equal” comparator operator in monday is “<>”. :grin: