Automation Failed Notification Recipent

We have an automation on one of our boards that has failed a couple of times, the fact it’s failing isn’t my issue. It’s more that this automation was created by a colleague (who is also an admin), yet it’s only me that gets the ‘Your automation has failed’ notification.

My question is; are there any settings for automations that allow me to set the recipient of the failed notification? I’ve looked all over but can’t see anything. Which leaves me more confused as to why it’s me receiving the notification and not my colleague, as the automation is showing as theirs.

We have the exact same notification settings for the board.

And is there anyway to get Monday to sent the notification by email?


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Hello @adam.s !

This is indeed quite curious. Have you possible edited the automation or had ownership of it transferred to you at some point? Also make sure to again check your account and board settings regarding automations.

As a last resort, you could delete the automation and your colleague can recreate it.

Unfortunately, I believe you cannot get notified via email if an automation fails.

Hope this helps,
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