Automation Reminders in Business Days Instead of Calendar Days

I would like to request that automation reminders have the option to send reminders based on business days. Currently you can only send reminders based on calendar days. If I’m not at work on weekends I would need my reminder on Friday instead of Saturday or Sunday.

Hi @edie7!

Have you looked into the new feature Work Calendar in the admin portal? If you have your workdays set there for the company, the notifications will send based on the schedules and dates you have set. Also scheduled dates in your boards will skip the weekends.

If that doesn’t work, a workaround can be setting a time period automation and then having that trigger reminders based on conditions.

Hoping this helps and if you have more detail always happy to chat more!

Mike B
Automation Architect

Thank you but this doesn’t really work for me. A simple option to send reminders based on business days would be best.

How would I set a time period automation that skips weekends?

Hi There,

You simply place a automation with a trigger:

Every Time Period and only if Status is something, then send notification.

You don’t have to have the status as a condition but this is an option. The Every Time Period of you chose the Daily option, you can select the days the notification is triggered.

That would be the simplest solution.

Hope this helps!

Mike B

Thank you but this isn’t going to work for me. I have an automation with a trigger to send reminder 1 day before (date specified in column). I need to be able to specify 1 business day before (date specified in column.)