"Weekday" automation not falling on weekdays

Hi, I have this automation setup for “Business Days” (see attached) but Monday thinks our business days are Sunday to Thursday. How do I get it to see our business days as Monday to Friday?

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You will need Admin access on your account and then follow these steps:

Admin → General → Account → First Day of the Week

Set this to Monday and you should be set. Note that visually this might be slightly jarring at first, as all your calendar views will now reflect this. For example:

So if you are used to a Calendar showing Sun-Sat it will start at Mon instead. Just a heads up!

Hope this helps!

Ah ok thanks! The CEO wanted the dates in the date picker to start with Sunday. It’s weird that it affects the automation though, a weekday is a weekday. Ive made the updates and I’ll let you know if it doesn’t work. Thanks for the advice.

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Yeah its weird that the calendar view is connected with the work week. I’ve submitted this feedback to Monday previously, that the two should be separated(work week start vs. calendar layout).

a weekday is a weekday

You would think but globally its actually not the same everywhere. Monday.com is based in Tel Aviv, whose work week is Sun-Thur which may explain the default setting.

The CEO wanted the dates in the date picker to start with Sunday

I’ve gone through the same push back with upper management on this exact issue. It didn’t take too much time for them to adjust, hopefully its the same on your end.

Glad to help!

Hi @GrantDC ,Do you want to exempt the weekends while populating the date with the help of an automation?

Yes, I have recurring tasks setup on one board (so they are always visible) with the options Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly. The tasks auto select a reset status at 6am on the “start by” date and then reselect the recurring status at 7am which duplicates the task and connect to a working board.

@GrantDC ,

Both the issues you’ve mentioned here are a bit different.

  1. Exemption of weekends on auto populated dates in different use cases.
  2. Duplicacy of items due to multiple automations occurrence.

The first one I have mentioned is yet to be included in the features of monday.com as suggested by @andrewalmand ,Though we have an option of getting the customized solution with the help of an application developed for the same cause.

For the second one, can you please go in a bit detail with screenshots as well so that we have a better understanding of the issue.

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