Shifting our team to a 4 day work week, but need tasks to not assign on days we're not in office

In 2024 we are moving our team to a 4 day work week, Monday-Thursday. However I don’t find a way to make it so automations don’t assign work on Fridays. We have been able to use the “business days” option up until this point to avoid weekends, but that wont’ work now.

Is there an option I am not seeing to specify what “business days” are for our team?

There is not a way to set this. I still consider the lack of flexibility in defining calendaring to be one of’s most significant weaknesses. Esp. because its account wide, and can’t be set by workspace/board. This is very difficult for global organizations.

There is limited ability to define first day of the week (which is first day of the work week, in the USA Monday being the first day makes the calendar display MTWTFSS which is non-standard and users pick the wrong day because its not in the correct position), as well as no way to define the length of the workweek, nor holidays, is something that is needed badly.

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Hello @thestaceyharris,

You can use the Date Check app for this. Basically, it involves choosing your non-working days and the app will automatically update the date to the nearest working day using automations. Here is a demo

In complete honesty, this feels like a pretty basic function in a tool I’m already pretty heavily invested in. I’m not interested in yet another small monthly charge to get it to do what I consider a basic function.

Ok, the answer I was expecting, but not wanting. I was hoping it was some silly thing I was missing which is unlikely since I’m certified in the platform, but was holding out hope. Thanks!