Automation to compare two columns and change the status of the item

Is there a way to create an automation that will compare the values in two columns to one another and if they differ, change the status of the item? Example:

Column 1 - installed software version
Column 2 - available software version

If column 2 does not match column 1 set status of item to “out of date”


Hi @John_17 ,

you can use Make to create an automation that compares values in two columns and changes the status of an item if they differ.

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Hi @John_17 - you can use General Caster to compare the two columns and cast the result to a status.

The other option, would be to use a simple formula column with the following:
IF({installed software version} = {available software version}, “”, “Out of Date”)

Then use conditional coloring to set the background of the formula to a different color based on the result (making it appear like a Status column).

Hope this helps!

Excellent, that formula worked for what I wanted