Automation to update status based on an automation

I need to have my status at the item level update according to the status of all subitems beneath it.

  1. I can create a formula column at the subitem level that assigns a value based on the subitem status.
  2. I can create a mirror column at the item level that rolls up all the values from the formula at the subitem level to assign a single value to the item that informs status.
  3. Then, I can write a formula to interpret the mirror column value at the item level which informs what the status should be.

What I can’t do however is write an automation to automatically update the status of the item based on its formula column value.

I’d like to be able to write an automation that says: “When the item formula column changes to anything, update the status to A if the value is between w and x, B if the value is between x and y, and C if the value is between y and z”

HI @hmagee

I don’t think this is possible with out-of-the-box monday. The app Rollup Subitems support rolling up a subitem status to a parent item RAG (traffic light) status column. That does exactly what you are requesting. Set status to label A if a value grater than, label B if in between and label C if lower than.

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An additional challenge we have is creating an item timeline by mirroring the subitem timelines to create an early-to-latest mirrored timeline at the item level. I can use it to make Gantts and other widgets, but I cannot perform any automations or write formulas using this mirror column. Does this rollup app resolve this challenge as well? Can I use the timeline in automations and formulas being rolled up by this app?

hi @hmagee

Sure the app can rollup (aggregate) timelines from subitems to parent items. All parent columns written by the app are to normal monday columns that can be used in other automations and formulas. See below the difference between “Timeline Show” (from the “show summary in parent” option and “Timeline” (from the Rollup Subitems app). The two leftmost columns are formulas that try to display the start of the timeline for the two timelines in the parent. Although they look the same the functionality is totally different.

The app also provides filtering just in case you want to show only a subset of the subitems data. It also supports RAG traffic light status column where you can define the conditions for Red, Amber and Green.

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This is excellent, thank you!