Automation to Update Time Zone from World Clock Column

I think a GREAT feature would be to add the ability to have a location column talk to a world clock column. That way if you set the location as Los Angeles, CA, the world clock would automatically convert to PST/PDT. I think an update like this would be invaluable for all teams who use Monday to store client contacts.

Agreed. Found your post because I was wondering the same thing. I’m a new user and am setting up my customer list and sales pipeline boards. I suppose the developers haven’t gotten around to it yet, but it seems crazy that I have to manually enter the time zone when I’ve already entered phone number area code and location. I think it should autofill but could then be edited if it were the wrong time zone. seems to sometimes to show the wrong country flag for a given phone number. This could wreak havoc in the autofill time zone feature, if it were implemented.

Good idea. +1
If anyone is not sure of what the available options are you can find them here: Moment Timezone | Home

+1, Let’s GOOOO!!! How can you be an effective CRM if you can’t easily tell time zones? You have an annoying country flag by default, but not a time zone?


+1! I also need this feature! monday product team - please take note.

+1 for this feature, as the others said, seems intuitive if it could be made to match location column.

We are still waiting for this to happen! why it doesn’t work with the location/address of the item?!