Automation with date as group name


I am trying to create a Sprint automation, where I create a Sprint group every two weeks, with a group name.
I am trying to add the current date to be as the group name and also the current date + 2 weeks to be there as well. I am doing it manually and it looks like this:

Is there a way to add the dates to the automation?

hi @meir23

Welcome to the community. I don’t think there is an automation available to dynamically set the group name. This would make up a wonderful “Sprint Support App” which could included these kind of recipes. If you can think of sentences (trigger and action) I can have a look if this would be the perfect Sprint Support App. For this one I am wondering what you want to use as a trigger, I can think of something like:

Every 2 week on Friday create a new group named (some possibilities) here.

It is important to decided on a trigger, which could be a status change, item creation or a scheduler

Can you think of other useful “Sprint” recipes?

Hey @basdebruin,
I’ll let you know if I think of anything else.