Automations failing and with delay

I’ve been experiencing delays in automations, sometimes they don’t even run. Is this a current problem or are the automations not working 100%?


You can always check the status of servers/features here: From there you can subscribe for updates and get notified if any features are down or experiencing problems.

If you automations are not working at all, I would definitely contact and have them look into it. Feel free to share more details about them here just incase its a formatting issue

Regarding the delay you’ve experience, I’ll share some snippets from a past support ticket of mine:

“…our time-based automations may occasionally trigger a little late, depending on the load on our servers…”
“…due to the number of automations triggering on the hour, we are throttling these automations in order to reduce the load this is having on our system. As a result, you may experience delays. Automations configured to trigger between 9-11 am EST will experience higher levels of performance delays than other times, which are also subjected to delays…”

This is something they are working on but as Monday gains popularity, the load of automations is also increasing. Factoring in the recent IPO release I wouldn’t be surprised if overall traffic is up.

Without knowing what time zine you are in, its hard to identify what hours could be peak traffic for you. I find that 5pm EST - 2am EST automations go off pretty close to their set times. While 5am EST and on can be a little behind.

The good news is that I have a working solution as I needed my automations to go off on the hour for a text reminder integration. Most Monday automations can be replicated and run through Integromat or Zapier. I created the more time sensitive automations in Integromat(has a free trial) and then let the rest run in Monday like normal.

Hope this helps!