Batch delete for Inbox

I use integrations with outlook to send e-mails to department heads. I don’t want those e-mails as notes in the “updates” list, so every day I go into my Inbox and sift through to delete the ones I don’t want. We were closed for 5 days though, so I came in this morning to 313 updates, of which I only really want to keep 4 of them. Rather than having to click the down arrow, select delete for all and then click OK for each one individually, I would prefer to be able to select a checkbox and delete an entire selected group (not necessarily the whole list though). Is there any way to “batch delete” from the inbox?

Even better, is there a way to use the integration without making it create an update? If that is possible, I would want to pick and choose which integrations it applies to and not have it as a universal change across the board.

Thank you.