Best way to get all the sub-items from a parent item

Hey all,

I’m new to GraphQL and the Monday API. I’m trying something out for the Hackathon and wonder what the best way is to get all the sub-items from an item? I’m need a ton of times so performances does matter. I saw you need to get the item ID of the parent item to get the sub items via monday.api.

Anyone wants to point me to the right direction? Thanks!

Hey @Arno,

there is a chapter about your issue in the documentation:

You can find it under the buzz word “subitem”.
Hope that helps.


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If you still struggle you can try this query:

   boards(ids: "YOUR_BOARD_ID") {

     items(ids: "YOUR_ITEM_ID") {

       column_values(ids: "subitems") {


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Thanks for being on top of this and I’m glad we also have a code example to pass around. I really appreciate this :slight_smile:


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Please note this solution is not reliable! I have used it and it will not return all subitem ids for some parent items!!

Hey @amitozalvo ,

that’s interesting. Could you name those parent items. I’m really curious.


What do you mean by naming them? It’s happening to about 10% of parent items in my board and already reported to Monday which have told me this issue is because subitems API are not ready for production.
This is not a reliable solution as you might miss some subitems when querying them.

I’m trying to reproduce that issue. But I always get all subitems.

How much subitems do you have per Item, because there is a default limit of 25.

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