Best Workflow to have a Master List of Customers then use that list on multiple boards

I want to have a board with a master list of customers as the first column.

On other boards I want to be able to use this same list (and if the original changes I want the connect boards to change). One board might have service info, another maybe sales, a third might have files etc…

It appears you cannot mirror the first column. Is there another workflow people use. Maybe the first column is just a sequential # and then use a second column as “customer name”. Then connect a board and mirror that column?

How do people reuse this information in the first (index?) column?

Hey Sean,

Whilst it isn’t possible to mirror the item name specifically, the connect board columns works in a similar way to connect/list the item from a different board, while mirroring associated columns through the mirror column. So that we can work towards a resolution, can I ask why connecting the item as opposed to mirroring is not working for you? :pray:

So think of this workflow. I want to have a master list of customers. Let’s call that Board A.

On Board B I want to “mirror” that list of customers as the main item (column 1) and have others columns associated with that customer. Call this Board B.

And so on with Board C, D, E.

Some may say just put it all in one board but that could get very large very fast. Also I may want one board to be more slanted towards sales and another towards engineering etc…

When I add or delete a customer on Board A I want it to be added o Boards B,C,D etc…

Seems like a pretty common workflow. How else would you solve this?