Blank cells generates errors in FORMULAS

Several threads on the error when using IF statements for BLANK cells, have not solved any problems.

Trying to create a simple formula that will ONLY count, if there is values in the Two columns, {Registered} and {Total participants}. I need to calculate the amount of “not attended” based on amount of registrations vs amount of actual attendees

Despite several attempts and reading many similar threads, I am still seeing the red exclamation mark and MONDAY cannot calculate the total Average value. See image

It appears that NOT statement “<>” is NOT working correctly

My current syntax looks like this, and it kinda work, except for cells with no values
IF(AND({Total participants}<>“0”, {Registered}<>“0”), Round((({Registered}-{Total participants})/{Registered}*100),2)&“%”, “0”)


The problem is that the divide by when {Registered} is zero is returning an error even though it does not need to be executed.

Try this:

IF(AND({Total participants}<>"0", {Registered}<>"0"), 
   Round((({Registered}-{Total participants})/
      IF(({Registered} + 0) <> 0,{Registered}, 1) * 100),2)&"%", "0")

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:slight_smile: That helped - Thanks

Leaves one remaining challenge, the summation of the average values is not being calculated - I just “0%” in total


Suggestion ?


Assuming that these are items and not subitems, remove the addition of the “%” in the formula and adjust formatting of the column by clicking into the group total of the column.