Board list showing users

Is there a report or view that lets us see our boards with a list of users who have access to it.

Hey Lisa! :wave:

At the top of each board, you can click on who has access to it here:

But are you asking if there is one list with all the boards and who has access to them? If so, we don’t have a page like this at the moment but it could be a great thing to develop!

Let me know if this is what you mean - I’d love to understand more of what you’re looking to do. :blush:

Hi Charlotte

Yes I am asking for a list.

I feel it is a major requirement to be able to easily view the boards and who has access to them, in a list/report. I am sure it is not just us who have a lot of boards with varying members and guests.

One other thing lacking is the ability to be able to see a workflow type diagram of the boards and how they are connected. Like in MS Access you can see the relationships between the databases.

Whilst is holding and displaying data there is no easy visible structure view.

Any ideas.