Board to Globe View Unusable IMO

The primary problem with Board to Globe View is that whenever you zoom in and click on a data point, the view zooms way out until you see the whole continent again. For example, if I zoom in on an area in Atlanta with mapped items and click one I am immediately zoomed back out to see all of America. This makes it impossible to use! I want to be able to click on a data point and stay at the zoom level I was at when I clicked on it. It is unusable for me until this is changed. Does anyone else share this frustration or has anyone found a solution?

Agree. I raised this with the support team back in May 22 and apparently it was a known bug. It has not been fixed yet, though. Board to Globe is a great feature but I have stopped using it as this zoom bug is very frustrating.

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Thank you! I have been feeling alone and in the cold on this issue. If you have other users at your company that can vote for this, I would appreciate it! Maybe it will get attention at some point.