Board to Globe View Unusable IMO

The primary problem with Board to Globe View is that whenever you zoom in and click on a data point, the view zooms way out until you see the whole continent again. For example, if I zoom in on an area in Atlanta with mapped items and click one I am immediately zoomed back out to see all of America. This makes it impossible to use! I want to be able to click on a data point and stay at the zoom level I was at when I clicked on it. It is unusable for me until this is changed. Does anyone else share this frustration or has anyone found a solution?

Agree. I raised this with the support team back in May 22 and apparently it was a known bug. It has not been fixed yet, though. Board to Globe is a great feature but I have stopped using it as this zoom bug is very frustrating.

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Thank you! I have been feeling alone and in the cold on this issue. If you have other users at your company that can vote for this, I would appreciate it! Maybe it will get attention at some point.

It would be interesting to know if any of Monday’s users use the board to globe feature as currently designed with the bug=feature. I find it hard to believe it is useful for anyone.