Building an ERP in


I am trying to use to set up an ERP for my e-commerce business. I use a 3rd party warehouse to manage and ship my inventory, but up til now I’ve been managing inventory, forecasting, and B2B orders manually on Google Sheets.

Has anyone else tried to set up an ERP on What integrations and automations were useful to you?


Hi Tanner. We have set up what is effectively an ERP and I found Monday really useful. We have a fairly complicated use case. I’ve found the mirror boards element super handy, although there are some hurdles in using them in automations and pulling certain data. As we’ve started to refine the process, I have found getting handy with Integromat/ has been pretty useful.

Good to know, thank you! Do you guys sell on Amazon or Shopify by chance? Those are my main channels, so I’m trying to find integrations with those two. So far, the only way I’ve been able to connect them to is through Zapier.

We don’t, sorry! I imagine either Zapier or Integromat/Make works ok with those for sure however.