Bulk update of Items through API?

Is there any way to “bulk update” items through the api with a single call rather than update one item at a time? It seems like the api is built (as well as all the documentation samples) to only do one mutation on one thing at a time. Say for example, I want to update all items in one group with the same column value. I’m assuming that Monday.com actually uses its own API? How does it do this?

Hey @dipro (api whiz!), any thoughts on this one? Can you share any examples?

Hey @deceiver08! At the moment there isn’t a way to bulk update items via the API.

Good catch – we do have this capability in our platform but this feature isn’t exposed through the API just yet. I’ll pass it along as feedback!

Hey @dipro I’m also very interested to do a bulk mutation. Any thoughts when this will be exposed through the v2 GraphQL API? Seems like a common use case. Does the v1 legacy API support this?


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No update yet. Our platform supports this action through batch actions, but our APIs don’t at the moment. I’ve added your vote to this feature as well!

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please add my vote as well

I just managed to do bulk update by mutating the query before sending it

  static async bulkCreateSubItems(token, itemId, values) {
    try {
      const mondayClient = initMondayClient({ token });

      const queryStrings = values
          (value, index) =>
            `si${index}: create_subitem(parent_item_id: $itemId, item_name: "${value}") { id }`
        .join(" ");

      const query = `mutation bulk_create_sub_items($itemId: Int!) { ${queryStrings} }`;

      const variables = { itemId };

      const response = await mondayClient.api(query, { variables });
      return response;
    } catch (err) {

Upvote. Needed! I have a project with more than a 100 work items on DevOps side that some of the fields need to update on Monday side. Not an option to invest time into setting up updates one by one.

Up-voted, similar requirement, i need to periodically update the same column for 100s of work items in the same board/group. That’s not going to work having to run a single mutation over and over again!