Status update on Feature Requests – Q2 2024

I have an exciting update about the feature request backlog in our community.

We have managed to put a TON of requests onto our product roadmap! :crystal_ball:

This is part of a larger campaign to make our product roadmap more transparent for YOU, our developer community.

What’s on the roadmap:

We’re planning to release the following features by the end of the year :eyes: Things can shift, but this is what we’re planning so far.

In our long-term roadmap:

These features are in our vision for the platform, but we can’t share a specific ETA yet.

Features we’re still researching

These are interesting but require deeper research. We want to invest in them, we are just not sure what the solution will look like.

What’s next?

Building all of this, of course! In a few months, we’ll repeat the process – update statuses and prioritize the new or newly-popular items.

Read this topic for more about our feature request discovery and tagging process.

Disclaimer: While these are estimations and the best information so far, our plans can change given shifting business priorities or team capacity!