About the Feature Request category (API & Apps)

Do you have an idea for a new feature for our Apps Framework or GraphQL API? Add and vote for them here!

How do I use this category?

Vote for requests - If you have a feature request, find it here and vote for it. Add a comment to share any additional context about your need, use case, or customer!

Make a new request: You can make a new request by creating a new topic. Just click “Start a discussion”** in the top right, explain the idea, and choose Feature Requests - API and Apps Framework.

View the roadmap: You can get an idea of what our API and Apps Framework teams are planning by looking up these tags: released, on-roadmap, long-term-roadmap and under-consideration.

What to include in your request

To help us and other users understand your request, please structure it as follows:

  1. Summary: Provide a concise overview of your request.
  2. The problem: Clearly explain the issue or challenge you’re facing.
  3. The use case: Describe what you’re trying to achieve in your app and how this problem relates
  4. The suggestion: Present your proposed solution or feature idea.
  5. Additional details: Feel free to include any supplementary information, such as how many of your customers have been requesting it, pushback from enterprise, etc.

What we do with your Feature Requests

Every quarter, we review the most voted feature requests in our teams. After this review process, we will provide updated status notifications to the community. These tags will indicate if a request is being added to our roadmap and the expected release timeline.

What do we need from you for this process to work?

  • First and foremost, :loudspeaker: please vote! :loudspeaker: Your votes help us gauge the importance and priority of different requests.
  • Please make sure to follow the suggested structure and provide as much information as possible in your feature requests. This ensures clarity and helps us better understand your needs.
  • Avoid opening duplicate requests. Vote for an existing request instead of creating a new one. This lets us correctly assess the popularity of each item.

What does each tag mean?

Click the links below to see the requests in that category!

On Roadmap – This feature is being worked on, and we’ll be shipping this feature soon!

Long-term Roadmap – The feature is in our vision for the product. We want to implement it but cannot commit to a specific date.

Under Consideration – We know this is a pain point, but are still in the process of developing an understanding of the problem and how to solve it effectively :thinking:

Released – This feature is already available :rocket:

Disclaimer: there may be changes to our roadmap based on shifting business priorities and changes in team capacity. If the status of any tagged requests changes, we will make sure to update the status in the community too.