How to view newly submitted feature requests?

It seems like within the last couple months they took away the feature to view new feature requests. I used to view these pretty regularly to keep up to date and vote for useful feature requests.
With the new method of sorting, it seems that new feature requests are easily lost. I’ve found that I can sort by activity, but that could be a 3 year old feature request with a comment added this week, not necessarily a new feature request.
The image below shows how you can easily show only new platform discussions

The image below shows what I see when I go to the feature request section where I don’t see an option to see new feature requests

Am I missing something or is anyone else having this same issue?

Hey Kayla,

Thank you for your feedback :pray:

I hear where you’re coming from here and recognise the new filtering isn’t always bringing the most up-to-date feature requests forward. I will chat with our team internally about considering making the relevant improvements within the FR section :+1:

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