Burn/Creation chart to follow up resolution capacity


It would be nice to have a visualization in the Panels, that allow us to understand the team´s resolution capacity. A chart could help to see:

  • How many new tickets were created?
  • How many were solved in 1 week (maybe custom period of time)
  • How many tickets are accumulating in the backlog?
  • Can we add a complexity level for the tickets so we could measure it even better / by complexity points?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Lucas, the functionality you are asking for would be more then welcome if you ask me. We are working in teams of 6 people and working on multiple projects in sprints of two weeks. To have the ability to create an overview of the items that have been set to done (with a burndown chart for example) would really give meaningful insights.

Did you try the batteries in the dashboard section? They come close to what you are looking for but not entirely.

There has been some discussion on this topic here Burndown charts