Burndown charts

We’ve been using Monday for our waterfall and Agile type projects. One of the things we are still trying to figure out is how to effectively make burndown charts.

You know, those super usefull graphs showing progression of total tasks planned vs task done over a certain time.

Was wondering if anyone already solved this, and how


Hi Erik !

Some colleagues also asked me for Burndown charts and as many developers are using the tool I think that would be great !

Maybe we should allow multiple data for x/y axis on the charts and that may solve the issue ?

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Hi Stephane

Yeah I think we would need to show the sum value of a certain column over time.
So there would need to be some sort of log on the changes in the sum.

Probably not so easy to implement, but would be very nice :slight_smile:


You can do this natively (kind of), but it’s more of a workaround and would be great if there was a real way.

Until Monday adds this, you can create a new date column. Let’s say you want to track the date a lead expressed interest. Use the automation that says when status changes to “Expressed Interest,” update the new date column to today’s date (+0 days). You can then chart this date column to track things like the number of people that expressed interest per day.

You can then do this for any status label with a new date column for each thing you want to track. It’s not ideal and is pretty basic for functionality, but I recently implemented something similar so I hope it helps!

I think a proper implementation of a burndown chart belongs in the dashboard section and would improve our teams productivity. Would be great to be able to plot them