Burndown Chart App

Hi all @here,
we are happy to announce that during the hackathon with monday.com we created a burndown chart App to be used in boards!

A quick preview:

If you are interested, let me know! As we will have the ability to share the app with other accounts soon!

Looking forward to hearing from you @ dmitry@tmnxt.com (we are a certified monday.com partner for the DACH Region)


Please we want thisss

I will check with the monday.com dev team to get the app rolled out to everyone who wants to give it a try and also provide some feedback for further improvements!
You can shoot me a message so we can try to get the app activated in the backend. (monday involvement needed here)

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Great work! The image does look promising @Dmitry, I am really interested to test it. Can you let me know when monday did their part?

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HI @Dmitry, can you allow us to test that, as well, please? we have started with few projects, already and want to use this feature to support implementation. Thank you!!

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How do we get access to this?

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Hi all @here, I will share the link with you guys to activate the app within your accounts. Will paste the link in here together with the documentation latest tomorrow :slight_smile:




Hi Dmitry,
Very excited about this. Our team has been asking for this for a while.

When will the link be posted? I cant wait to try out this feature.

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Hi all, instead of letting you wait longer, here you go with the link to activate the app in your account:

Link to Burndown Chart

Very important - there is a documentation available, but not yet finalized/formatted. I will also provide that next week but you can already start working with the app and share your feedback.

Please share feedback on usability/bugs here


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Thanks @Dmitry, I’ll check out the chart tomorrow, can’t wait to test it.

Hi @Dmitry, were can I find the documentation?

And where do you want to receive feedback? Can I place it here? Or via pm?

Hi @Eltjo, I created a form to make it simple to consolidate feedback. Form is in my initial post.


Looking forward to hear your feedback!

Documentation will be ready by next week. Will PM you a 0.1 Version (unformatted).


Hi Dmitry
Thanks for this, Can i get the documentation as well? Even if it unformatted and incomplete. Thanks!

I sent you our draft. Unfortunately, it takes longer to get the documentation finalized :slight_smile:

Hello, Dmitry. Can I also get the documentation even if it’s unformatted and incomplete? Thank you!

Hello, can I also get the documentation even if it’s unformatted and incomplete? Thank you!

I would be interested too :wink:

Hi @lucasdemea, Hi @ErnalynDaymiel see download below :slight_smile:

Hi @ryo, thank you for filling out our feedback form!

here you go - draft version: Download

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Thank you! Will add my feedback