Introducing mondayDB

Hey monday champions, nice to e-meet you! My name is Oded, and I’m a product manager at I’m excited to share that we are releasing mondayDB, a new data infrastructure that is designed to drive your best work.

What is it gonna do for you?

  • Support a larger scale of boards and dashboards at lightning speed
  • Extend our public API and data manipulation capabilities
  • Support countless new use cases and custom workflows

Its first version is already being rolled out, making our Boards load significantly fast. You should feel its impact especially when loading massive Boards, and will get a notification when it was rolled out for your account.

You can read more about it here: mondayDB – A brand new data architecture , or check out the video here: Introducing mondayDB - YouTube . We would love to hear what you think of our plans, and to make sure you do indeed feel the improvement in speed and performance.

Hello @odedke,
Thank you for all the work and improvements that you continue to make on the platform.

In my boards, even though I see faster load times for boards (including boards with 1000s of items), other parts of the monday app have either being very slow as compared to previous times or flat out don’t work. For example, I tried using a custom automation today and it just won’t work. I had not noticed these kinds of problems before the mondayDB update.
The other day, my boards weren’t even loading even after a number of page refresh. Just a blank white tab or sometimes a blank white tab with a loader.

Here is a recording of the automation problem.
Hope the devs will look into it :slight_smile:

Hey there @kolaai , we’re so glad to hear that your boards are loading faster :slight_smile:
And thank you for sharing the recording of the issue!

As far as we can tell, the issue you are describing is not related to mondayDB.
The devs will look into it, but we do need some more information in order reproduce and fix it.
I think the best idea would be to contact support, so we can track the issue and make sure it is quickly resolved :slight_smile:

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I know 1.2 is a little further out but can we get any more info on the changes coming there?

Im excites for the 2.1 changes the most. Hoping this fills out some of the features that you can feel the potential of but are not able to tap into yet like mirrors and permissions. Also more custom or a fully custom automation setup like a few competitors would really make me love monday more

Yes, we are excited about extending our API and Automation capabilities as well :slight_smile:
We will release detailed documentation about the upcoming 1.2 changes very soon. Stay tuned!