Monday's slow page load and similar rendering issues

My team and I are beginning to get really frustrated with monday’s major speed problem.

We’re managing several thousand contacts with roughly 60-70 columns, so our contact board loads very slowly.
Even worse, is when we want to open a contact’s details, the item board takes >25 seconds to fully load. We use this view to see everything going on with the client at once as they may be part of ~7 different types of deals at once, so we’ll need to either update or reference those deals via the “Connected boards” widget in the item board.

A growing frustration is that any updates made will either not take effect at all, take several seconds to reflect in the Connected Boards widget, or just never show up in the widget and we have to refresh to see the changes. Given the slow loading times, this only exacerbates the issue.

It feels even worse when we’re in the middle of a call with a client and have to deal with the slowness. If we were to take call notes outside of Monday and put them in post-call,
that would still eat up our agents time with what should have been possible during-call.

I’ve found Monday to be robust in many areas, and it does provide capabilities that we needed and didn’t have before, but the speed issue is actively hampering our workflow.

Does anybody have any tips on how we can speed up our Monday? If we were to fracture our contact board into several smaller boards, is there a way to quickly maintain all the two-way connections we have between our contact board and all our separate deals boards?


Us too! We’ve just been building out the system to replace our matter management software and boy has it slowed down!


There have been posts by the Monday team over the last couple of weeks about the Rollout of the new MondayDB. This is meant to be helping with speed issues and accounts are being migrated during the month. I’m sure if you have a little patience things will improve greatly soon.

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We have the same issue. Monday, plz upgrade your servers.



This issue should be resolved soon.
Take a look here:

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We too have speed issues with Monday and have roughly the same size system as Raymond’s. He didn’t mention automations, but we run about 300 automations across all of our boards. I have found that the automations are what is slowing our system down.
We are in the process of upgrading to the Enterprise level as that offers your own server area instead of the common server area for Professional or lower levels. Hopefully this works.


Hey @RaymondChin !

Thanks for pinpointing this issue! In fact, one of the effective ways to speed up board creation and simplify contact management is through CRM automation. This can be done in your CRM software by creating multiple workflows that are equipped with AI (Artificial Intelligence). Ultimately, the goal of CRM automation is to improve loading times and make workflows smoother. With CRM automation, you can connect multiple boards, so that data gets updated synchronously. This way, you can quickly maintain all the bi-directional connections.

If you’re looking to get instant results, hire consultants from a recognized service provider to implement CRM automation. With robust CRM automation in place, your team can remain systematized no matter how fast your business is evolving.

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did anyone notice any difference here? we are totally struggling with speeds to load - almost unusable and a huge risk!

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Several on my team just started noticing this issue in the last few weeks.

Noticed the issue in the last few weeks only using workdocs.

Please, get it fixed…

Here in 2024, we are still experiencing this issue. Pages take awhile to load, text is deleted as it is typed because it is not registering the key taps, pages stutter and glitch and columns cannot be edited until a full page reload is performed.

If we are hoping to migrate a mass of our operations into Monday, this will need to be improved upon .


This is still an issue. We have to go out and into boards multiple times to show accurate information. Connected columns don’t always load until we go to the other board to “refresh” it. It just seems to get worse and worse.

I have the same problem! It’s just not loading at all some days!

I am also noticing that performance is still slow after the implementation of monday db 1.1. - in fact, I find large dashboards to be even slower than they were before.

Widgets take a long time to load. And if I start to change settings/filters around too much, they slow down to a crawl - sometimes even crashing Chrome, requiring a hard reset.

On the old engine, dashboards might have required a refresh to show up-to-date (to the second) data, but at least they loaded fairly quickly.

I have also noticed that if I try to do batch actions on Connect Boards columns on boards, that it can take 10+ seconds to update (sometimes resulting in a crash, again, requiring restarting the browser).

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Been trying to deal with this for months, the more we use Monday that slower is gets, we even upgraded to enterprise but no difference has been seen, screens load slow, changes sometimes get lost while things are buffering, this is across different platforms and team members across the US.

I have a board with Docs, where I track meeting minutes.

After 20 meetings the page takes half a minute to load, sometimes it does not load correctly.

Also, typing on that page is a chore, as there is a severe lag of up to seconds when typing.

Monday really needs to up their game with the performance issues or optimization for browsers.